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We've snagged some pretty stellar recruits at RocketFuel over the last few months, so we thought we should introduce them in the least RocketFuel way possible - with a sports themed blog! So turn up those Jock Jams, stretch those quads, and get to know our 2016 RocketFuel rookies.

Meet RocketFuel's 2016 Starting Lineup
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If RocketFuel is known for anything, it's for our vast sports knowledge - especially when it comes to the Super Bowl.

LOL jk jk.

If you poll most RFers about the "Super Bowl" we're likely to (a) bring you the dish we keep office M&Ms in or (b) assume you're referring to that adorable puppy show with the blimp full of tiny hamsters. Apart from that, it's mostly just blank stares and nodding. 

Luckily for us, what we lack in sports smarts we make up for in talent recruitment, and we've snagged some new RocketFuel all-stars over the last few months. If we were a football team, we know they'd make awesome pointguards. Or pitchers? (We don't know what positions exactly, but they'd win all the things! #SPORTS)

Meet Our RocketFuel Rookies:

Brighid Wheeler RocketFuel

As an Account Manager here at RocketFuel, Brighid is a client-charming, project-running badass who keeps the team on track without so much as smudging her perfectly winged eyeliner. And she does it all with a smile. (Take that, Mary Tyler Moore!)

Prior to lift-off with RocketFuel, Brighid was Program Manager/Festival Operations for Indie Memphis, where she was involved in year-round programming, organizing volunteers and building community engagement. Brighid also has more than five years of experience in store management for Apple, where she led 120+ employees through everything from large-scale product launches to everyday customer interactions, even snagging herself Apple Genius Certification along the way. Fancy, fancy!

Get to Know Brighid: 

Name: Brighid Wheeler, also known as B, Bri, Breezy, Bridge, BB Sobieski (no idea why, you'd have to ask Zac)

What did you do before working at RocketFuel? Nothing. I was lost. Just kidding. Things worth mentioning, I managed an Apple Store for 6ish years and then I was a Program Manager/Festival Producer for the Indie Memphis Film Festival for a few years.

What exactly do you do at RocketFuel? I'm an Account Manager. That means I am the point of contact for our clients and their projects and work as a liaison between them and our design, development, and marketing teams. I make sure the project is moving along and the work is being completed on time. Sometimes I also take naps on our big red couch and peruse the snack wall for an afternoon pick me up.

What's your favorite part about working at RocketFuel? Everything. Seriously. Some examples include but are not limited to: everyone is a nerd; we have a snack wall; playing some Star Wars game with the developers during lunch; co-workers often bring their pets to work (Taco Dog is my favorite, Betamax is rude); the diversity of my clients and the process of learning who they are and what they do; 98ish percent of my coworkers are genuinely funny people; having bosses that are incredibly supportive and who fully trust and respect each of us in our respective roles; etc.

What's your favorite .gif? Pssh. Gif? As in singular .gif? Not possible. I pretty much love any .gif with Oprah, Tyra Banks, Beyonce and Tina Fey. Here are some of my all time favorites:

What's the worst gift you ever got from Santa? One year I got this necklace that was called "Tattooed Steel" or something. They were army style dog tags with an Ed Hardy type design "tattooed" onto each tag. ::shudders:: Just gross.

If you could be on any reality show currently or previously on TV, what would you pick? It would most likely be between these:Love & Hip-Hop - as long as Cardi B and Mariahlynn are co-cast membersVanderpump Rules - the seasons where Stassi was a main cast memberThe Hills - Justin Bobby era

What's your favorite website to waste time on?

What's your favorite song to sing at karaoke? I do not like to sing karaoke often but when I do it's usually "I Would Do Anything For Love" by Meatloaf with my dear friend Anna. We kill it every single time.

What's your big goal for 2016? Since the majority of my background is in event planning, my goal is to be able to plan my OWN event (wedding) without dying of stress and learning to not feel like I have to be in control of every last detail that I am unable to delegate and in turn not have fun with this process. For those who know me, this is going to be a real challenge.

What do you like to do with your free time? Contract work for Indie Memphis, running, watching terrible tv shows, working as a Producer on local short films, relaxing with my fiance and our 2 mutts while trying to plan our wedding.

What's your biggest pet peeve? Irrational (feelings, responses, behaviors, etc) people

One of two new Front End Developers in the office, Ken wins the prize for longest distance traveled to join our team - making the trek all the way from Phoenix, Arizona. And that's not even the first time Ken has jumped across the country - he moved to Arizona from Pennsylvania where he went to school at Shippensburg University. Whew, that just made us tired.

In his spare time, he loves to play music, spend time with his girlfriend and their pets (awwww), and trail run.  Rumor has it he may have also cycled down the coast of California from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money for AIDs. *heart eyes*

Get to Know Ken:

Name and/or nickname: My full name is Kenneth John Blasko II (so fancy), but more people call me Kenny or Ken. 

What did you do before working at RocketFuel? I was living in Arizona working for Safeway Corporate doing basically IT/Application Support.  I was pretty specialized in pharmacy software so it’s much different than the web industry.

What exactly do you do at RocketFuel? I’m a Front End Developer. I’m responsible for writing the code (HTML/CSS/PHP, and le JavaScript) that browsers (most of them) can interpret for everyone to see!  

What's your favorite part about working at RocketFuel? Probably the people, work environment, flexibility, and the work. Pretty much everything. I love this job and what I do. There’s a lot of freedom and I love the small company atmosphere. I couldn’t have imagined moving to Memphis and not being at RocketFuel.

breaking bad costume

What's been your best Halloween costume to date? Definitely this hazmat suit from Breaking Bad. 

What's your favorite song to sing at karaoke? Oh man, so many possibilities. Probably an Incubus song, like Stellar.  

If you were a DJ, what would your name be? DJ KBizzness. Yeah. I had a coworker who used to always call me K Business (to which it was equated Bizzness), it just stuck.

What's your biggest pet peeve? Bad drivers. Seriously I don’t know if it’s Memphis (sorry peeps), but I feel like the drivers here are pretty comparable to Pennsylvania, and that’s awful. 

 What's your big goal for 2016? Get back into hiking or at least find spots to go in Tennessee or Arkansas.  I want get more personal projects/ideas that I’ve had up on the web and probably write more JavaScript.  I want to get back into playing more music as well, my guitars have been collecting dust.

If you could be on any reality show currently or previously on TV, what would you pick? Top Chef or MasterChef but I’d be a judge so I could taste all the food.

If you could only eat two different foods for the rest of your life, what would you pick? Milk and cereal. I could live off of it.

We're having Show & Tell at the office - yay! What are you going to bring? Cats seem to be the thing at RocketFuel, I’d bring my girlfriend’s cat Kyle if he didn’t kill me on the way to the office.

What's the last song you listened to? I’ve been on a punk kick lately.  Strung Out - Black Maps

Lindsey Butler RocketFuel

Lindsey is our resident communications rockstar (or Marketing Coordinator if you want to get technical). She guides the RocketFuel team in our quest to help clients find their voices and tell their stories. When she’s not at the office, you can find Lindsey cooking, reading, listening to podcasts, binge-watching the best (and worst) of 90’s television, and serving as de facto editor and IT support for her friends and family -- probably all at the same time.

Get to Know Lindsey:

Name: My name is Lindsey Butler, but I’ve been referred to as just “Butler” in nearly every school, workplace or group social activity my entire life, due to how outrageously popular my first name was for girls born in the mid-80’s. (Case in point: there were 6 different Lindse/ay’s in my first grade class alone.)

What did you do before you joined the RocketFuel team? Most recently, I coordinated digital communications and new media for Crosstown Arts, and before that I was a technical administrator at the Apple Store.

What exactly do you do at RocketFuel? It honestly just depends on which day you catch me. In the 3 short months I’ve been here, I’ve already had the opportunity to start honing some new skills, which makes me incredibly happy. Currently, my main areas of focus are marketing/communications/content strategy, brand messaging and social media. In other words: lots of research, lots of spreadsheets, lots of copywriting for various purposes and platforms. 

It’s a special kind of nerdy paradise.

What's your favorite part about working at RocketFuel (besides the free snacks)? My favorite part about working at Rocketfuel is that I’m never bored! I get to collaborate with really smart, talented people on a wide variety of different projects, and our staff is given a lot of freedom to try new things. RF is a great atmosphere for folks who put a high priority on continuous learning.

What's been your best Halloween costume to date? This is an annual tradition I actually put a ton of thought into, so it’s tough to pick just one. The two that tie for favorite from the last few years are both couples costumes I’ve done with my significant other (I know — barf, right?).

Costume(s) #1:
Him: Gallagher / Me: Human-Sized Watermelon / 2013

human sized watermelon

Costume(s) #2:
Him: Andy Warhol / Me: Pop Art Marilyn Monroe / 2015

Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe Costumes
Doorknob friends

Have you ever met anyone famous? Yes, and it’s a strange bag: Elvis Costello, Mike Tyson, Peter Bjorn and John (Are these last dudes even still considered famous?)

Would you rather be born with an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck? I feel like they’d both be really useful in different ways. Purely for aesthetic reasons, I’m gonna go with the giraffe neck. Also, I have terrible allergies, so several extra feet of nose might actually do more harm than good.

Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? Tell us about him/her/it: Yes, my mom told me I used to talk to two different doorknobs at our house. Their names were Jack and Jessica.

What's one thing your coworkers probably don't know about you? I have some really wacky issues with sleepwalking. It doesn’t happen every night, but some of my more frequent nocturnal adventuring includes cooking while sleeping (once made a veggie quesadilla from scratch!) or going to sleep in my bed only to wake up in strange places that are not my bed (like my front porch, for instance).

What's the worst gift you ever got from Santa? One Christmas morning when I was around 7 or 8, I woke to find waiting for me under the tree a rock my Nana dug out of her yard. It was wrapped in really pretty paper and tied with an elaborate bow.

(To be fair, I’d basically asked for it because I told her I didn’t want anything for Christmas in some misguided attempt to seem non-materialistic and mature. Because my family has a wicked sense of humor but really big hearts, they also had a boombox as a backup gift to go along with the rock.)

Carter is a native Memphian who recently returned to the 901 after graduating from the Nashville Software School with a concentration in full stack web development AND The University of Mississippi, where he studied psychology. We're convinced he's a stellar Front End Developer because he literally knows how users think.

When he's not writing code or reading his coworkers' minds, Carter is basically fused to his bicycle. From weekly rides with the Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club to mountain biking through Stanky Creek, his love of cycling and the outdoors is matched only by his love for his dog.

Get to know Carter: 

Name: My names Carter Capocaccia but some people call me Capocaccia or Capo. 

What did you do before working at RocketFuel? I was a Physician Credentialing Manager with StatLink Systems and managed the daily operations of their remote capsule endoscopy interpretation division named Med DataLink GI.  

What's your favorite part about working at RocketFuel? People here work towards goals not towards 5 o'clock.  I love that.

We are having Show & Tell at the office - yay! What are you going to bring? My dog and my bikes (an Orbea Onix T105 and a GT Avalanche Expert.)

If you could only eat two different foods for the rest of your life, what do you pick? Medium rare steaks and chik fil a chicken biscuits.

What's your favorite .gif? 

What's one thing your coworkers probably don't know about you? I've broken both of my arms twice. 

A magical genie just gave you three wishes. Fancy! What you gonna pick? I'd pick three more wishes, a Specialized Epic S-Works, and Google Fiber.

Would you rather be borsht with an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck? Giraffe. Stupid long horses.

What’s the last song you listened to?  Judas Priest - Painkiller

What’s your biggest pet peeve? Comcast data caps.

Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? Tell us about him/her/it. No but I did have a creepy child size doll named buddy. This is what he looked like:

creepy doll