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Is Your Website Boring? Find Out in Three Simple Steps

We’ve all seen those websites – you know, the ones with a template design from the 90s and copy that reads like a Russian novel.  In a digital age where online marketing surpasses traditional marketing in effectiveness and cost savings, unfurling your marketing strategy from the starting point of a boring, out-of-date website is the equivalent to sailing out to sea in a rickety, old boat.  You might make it. Then again, your competitors are likely in better, faster transports, so if you want to compete, you need a website that can keep up.  

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With a boring, outdated website, you might manage to attract a few customers.  But you’re approaching the tricky and often changing waters of Internet marketing with a website that hasn’t evolved with the times, so your outlook isn’t exactly promising. So then, how do you make sure your website isn’t boring (aka ineffective)?  Here are three questions to consider. 

Is the design modern, responsive, and easy to navigate?

Website templates and designs have come a long way since Geocities (remember Geocities?).  Digital trends move with the speed of technology, and right now, there’s simply superior technology available for website building and development. What was considered “modern” in the 90s is dated now almost archaic the digital marketing world.  

Does it stand out in a crowd?

With the popularity and availability of online website building platforms, DIY websites have become easier than ever to create.  While this type of access allows entrepreneurs with little to no capital to build a modern website, the lack of customization is not the most optimal approach.  In general, the templates on these types of websites provide several designs, but each will be extremely limited in how it can be tweaked and changed to make it your own. Beyond these limitations, it’s also a template that many other companies in your niche will likely have.  It can put your business on par with some competitors, but it certainly won’t give you an edge that says, “I’m different than my competitors.” 

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Is the copy in condensed, readable chunks and to the point?

In an article published in Time magazine, Tony Haile, CEO of analytics provider, states that 55% of your website’s readers will spend less than 15 seconds on a web page.  That’s not nearly enough time to read the long history of your company you’ve written, or the wordy commentary you’ve used to explain why a customer or client should hire you or purchase your products.  So relying on the words alone as selling points is an ineffective approach – you need those words to be interspersed on a page in concise, well written, compelling copy that attracts the eye but doesn’t expect to hold it long.  You also need visual content, such as media and high resolution photographs, as well as useful information that persuades your visitors to spend a little more time than the average on your website.  

Want a website that’s uniquely designed, modern, and far from boring – one that stands out in a crowd? Contact us at RocketFuel and we’ll be glad to help you get started.