Copywriting 101: 5 Words to Banish from Your Marketing Vocabulary

  Show, don't tell. How many times have you heard this rule? For most writers (and any humans who took sophomore English), it’s as rhetorical as the five-paragraph essay. However, the value of this celebrated axiom often appears taken for granted in marketing communications, which begs the question... If everyone has heard it, why do so many ignore it? My best guess? Folks who spend a lot of time writing spend very little of it contemplating "Show, don’t tell&qu... Read More

Social Media 101: How to Improve Your Business Twitter Account

Democratic uprisings. Social accountability for multinational corporations. Presidential campaigns. Dispatches from space. Natural disasters halfway across the world. What do all of these things have in common? They've all been events, causes, and stories that unfolded in real time across the digital landscape of Twitter. In our present age, Twitter has become an essential communications tool for everyone from activists and reporters to pop culture fanatics and brand ambassadors. S... Read More