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6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Social Media Reach

While estimates vary across studies, some experts claim that social media drives up to 31% of overall traffic to a website. Obviously these numbers change based on industry, but the point is – your social media content works a lot harder than you might think it does. So how do you optimize your social media content to attract as many people as possible to your website? Here are a few suggestions from our social media expert at RocketFuel: 

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1. Incorporate user-generated content

A marketing study conducted by Forrester Research found that 70% of consumers trust a recommendation from a friend or family member more than an advertisement. Added to that, content marketers often take advantage of human psychology and the theory of user social proof, which suggests that people are automatically drawn to a product or service that others like and trust.  

User-generated content can be everything from reviews to discussion to contests.  Starbucks used this concept when it invited fans to decorate its iconic coffee cup and submit their creations via social media.  The result not only increased social media reach for Starbucks, but also gained them a lot of visually appealing, user-generated content that engaged Starbucks’ audiences and allowed them to feel like they were contributing to an online community.    

2. Put a call to action within your post

When you invite your social media audiences to ‘like’, ‘re-tweet,’ ‘comment on’ or ‘share’ your content, you’ll notice a bump in all of the above.  Clearly stating a call to action on your posts and tweets reminds your audience to not only read your content, but also engage with it by sharing and commenting.  Sometimes, this little reminder is all it takes to increase the audience and reach of your social media campaigns. 

Another facet of this is ensuring your link is clickable.  For example, Facebook tracks how many people follow a link to go to another site off of Facebook’s network.  When this happens often, Facebook rewards the reach of that post.  “You have to make sure that your content is clickable,” says Katie Mars, community coordinator and queen of all things social media at RocketFuel.  “Even if someone doesn’t interact with it or even like it, just clicking it can affect your reach even more.” 

3. Create community

No one likes to be around someone who is self absorbed. While social media might seem like the best place to make announcements about your company’s achievements, too much of this can lead to audience fatigue and loss of interest in following you. “You should always be posting more about others,” says Katie, “such as things that are going on in your community, tips to help your fan base, and information that your audience will find helpful. At the end of the day social media is about people.”  

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4. Don’t spread yourself too thin across social media

A mistake organizations often make with social media campaigns is believing that they need to be on all major social media platforms, posting the same content on each. “They all have different purposes,” says Katie, “so if you’re posting one thing across the board and not mixing it up, you’re going to get follower fatigue and your audiences won’t want to interact with your content.” A better option is to choose the platform or platforms most fitting for the type of content you want to post.  Facebook is often a one-size-fits-all solution, while beauty products fare better on Pinterest and visual merchandising does better on Instagram. 

5. Engage and monitor

There is more to maintaining a social media presence for your business or organization than just posting great content.  You also need to interact with your audience – it’s social media, after all! Engaging with your audience allows you to answer questions others have about your company, services or products, and provides a blend of customer service and marketing in one go.  Monitoring your social media accounts to make sure all questions are answered and all trolls are dealt with keeps your social media presence professional and effective.  

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6. Create an editorial calendar

Make no mistake, social media is a publishing platform. To maintain the level of professionalism needed to keep your social media from becoming an embarrassment rather than a way to attract clients or customers, you need to plan just like other publishers do and create and editorial calendar.  “It’s all just about being organized,” says Katie.  “If you’re just posting on the fly, it’s going to look like you’re posting on the fly, especially if you’re promoting an event that has specific time slots for events across several days.  You have to lay it out or you’re going to forget something. Also, if you have an ad budget, you’ll need an editorial calendar so you can spread your budget across the month.”