Uploading Photos

Adding a photo shouldn't break your site or your spirit.

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You can upload photos directly to Media section of your website. These will stay here and be available for use at any time on any part of the site.

To upload photos click the “Media” tab in the right section of the top bar when you are logged in to your website. This will bring up a box that shows all the existing media on your site. It will default to the Photos tab.

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Click the “Upload” button on the top left. This will bring you to the upload screen. Click on the first button in the line that says “Upload.”  Select the photo or photos you would like to upload and click the “Open” button to automatically upload them. The system will automatically upload and create thumbnails for the photos. 

When the process has finished you can click “Edit new photos” to edit the titles and descriptions of the photos, or you can click “Back to photos” to go back to the area that contains all your photos.

Quick Instructions:

  • Media
  • Upload
  • Choose photos
  • Open for automatic upload
  • Edit new photos to edit
  • Or Back to photos to finish