What Can I Edit?

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Seeing what you can edit

Edit view

Some things on your website will be fixed so that you can’t edit them. It works this way so you don’t accidentally mess up the design you chose from the design process. Though you can’t edit a few things the majority of your website is editable.

To see what areas you can edit you need to log in to the website. Once you are logged in when you hover your pointer over something that is editable, a box will appear around it to let you know it is editable. In the top right corner of the box that appears will be the word Edit or Edit Paragraph. You can click anywhere within the box that appears around the content to edit it.

If you want to see everything editable on a page, click the magnifying glass button next to the logout button in the bar at the top of your site.

You can also see some editable content (such as page titles and meta information) by clicking on the “Page Options” link at the top left of the bar. You can then edit the content both on the “Edit” and “Optimize” tabs.