Adding Videos to Content

Your full time job shouldn't be updating your website. The RocketFuel CMS makes it easy to add and edit your content without having to be Bill Gates. 

You can add a video from sites like YouTube or Vimeo via the paragraph module on the page.

Login to the CMS. Navigate to the paragraph where you want the video or add a new paragraph. Click to edit the paragraph in the Edit Paragraph box.

To the map to a paragraph you should choose the “Video” tab beneath the text box. This will show a box for Video with instructions “Place video embed text here.” 

You can get the video embed html text from the site that hosts the video.

On Youtube you would click the "Share" button beneath the video you want to use.  Then click the "Embed" button on the right of the link. This will bring up a box with highlighted html code. This is the video embed code you need to copy. If you want to change the size of the video you should do this on Youtube by clicking one of the size options at the bottom or creating a custom size. Then copy the updated highlighted code.

Back on your site paste the code in the box in the Video tab on your paragraph. Click the “Save” button to finish.

Quick Instructions:

  • Paragraphs
  • Navigate to paragraph or add new paragraph
  • Choose button for Widget
  • Find map on Google Maps
  • Customize and preview map
  • Copy HTML code
  • Past HTML code in Widget/Embed code box
  • Choose Published
  • Save