Adding Pages

Your full time job shouldn't be updating your website. The RocketFuel CMS makes it easy to add and edit your content without having to be Bill Gates. 

Certain areas of your website will allow you to add new pages when you have more content to share. These will either be main pages or subpages of a main page. The process works the same for adding both types of pages.

First, navigate to the area where you want to create a new page. On the blue bar at the top of the screen there will be a button that says either “Main Pages” or “Subpages.” Click on this button. 

The window that pops up will show you existing pages. Click the “Add Main Page” or “Add Subpage” button at the top left of the box to add a new page.

When the next box comes up fill in the information required. Click the “Draft” button and save the page. (You can click published but it is better to save as a draft first to edit the page content before it is visible to the public.)

From here you should be taken back to the box that lists all existing pages. Your new page will be there in draft form. Click the “View” button to the right of the name. This will take you to empty page in draft mode. Here you can add paragraphs and content to the page. When you are happy with the page click on “Page Options” in the blue bar. Scroll down and choose “Published” and save the page.

Quick Instructions:

  • Login
  • Navigate to area where you want the page
  • Click the Main Pages or Subpages button
  • Click the Add Main Page or Add Subpage
  • Fill out information
  • Click Draft
  • Add content and edit the page
  • Click Page Options and choose Published
  • Save