Adding & Linking Files

Your full time job shouldn't be updating your website. The RocketFuel CMS makes it easy to add and edit your content without having to be Bill Gates. 

To add a link to a downloadable file such as a PDF, highlight the word or phrase of text you want to create a hyperlink with. Once the text is highlighted, click the button that looks like a link. The button has a photo of a link and says “Insert/edit link” when you hover your cursor over it.

When the Insert/edit link box pops up you should click the button to the right of the “Link URL” field. The button says “Browse” when you hove your cursor over it.

The box that pops up will show you all the files that have been uploaded to your site. If you have already uploading the file you should find it in the list and click the “Choose” link on the right side. 

If you need to upload a new file click the “Upload” button in the top left. On the next screen select “Upload” and then browse your files and select the correct one to open. It will automatically upload after you click “Open” and once it is finished you can click the “Back to Files” button. From there you should find the file in the list and click the “Choose” link on the right side to insert it.

In the “Target” field you can choose “Open link in the same window” or “Open link in a new window” from the drop down menu. This will determine whether visitors who click on the hyperlink are taken to the URL in the same window or a different window of their browser.

Click the “Insert” button to finish and insert the link to download the file.

Quick Instructions:

  • Highlight text
  • Click link button
  • Click button to the right of “Link URL” field
  • Choose file or upload new file and select
  • Click Insert