Whitney Hochstein

Whitney brings so much magic to every project she touches, you’d think she sprang from the pages of a Harry Potter novel. As Senior Graphic Designer at RocketFuel, she excels in the art of using design to solve problems.

Occasionally, she even uses her smarts to disguise problems as art.

It’s hard for us to imagine Whitney without a mouse, pen or paintbrush in her hand, but this artistic Memphis native was once a biomedical engineering major with aspirations of following her father and grandfather into engineering. Thankfully, she came to her senses while attending the University of Memphis and received her B.A. in Graphic Design. (Sorry, gentlemen, she’s ours. Muahahahahaha!)

Before joining forces with RocketFuel, Whitney worked as Art Director/Graphic Designer at Varsity Brands for 3+ years, where she oversaw print production of American Cheerleader Magazine and coded emails for it and several other divisions, including Varsity Spirit Fashion, Varsity Shop, Varsity Colors and Team Up for St. Jude. This self-taught coder was even responsible for converting the divisions’ emails to responsive web standards. Prior to diving into the pom pom trenches, she spent nearly 2 years as Art Director for the classifieds at that most sacrosanct of local publications, The Memphis Flyer.  

Outside of pushing pixels and paint brushes, Whitney enjoys getting lost in historical fiction and spending lots of time with her husband and their adorable little boy. One of her favorite hobbies is sewing, which means we’ve finally found a costumier for that in-office production of The Pirates of Penzance we’ve been threatening to perform. (Thanks, Whitney! Sorry, Reuben and Lori.)

If forced to eat just one food for the rest of her life, we have it on good authority Whitney would opt for spaghetti. So, if you ever find yourself intimidated by her aesthetic prowess, you can always bring her a bowl of pasta as an icebreaker.