Massimo Crapanzano

Web dev by day, writer/filmmaker by night, Massimo Crapanzano is a tech wizard with the heart of an artist. As a Full Stack Developer, he is responsible for building the parts of our clients’ websites they see every day, as well as all the parts they don’t.

Massimo Crapanzano

Hailing from Milan, Italy, Massimo studied Digital Communication at the University of Milan, then decided a little travel was in order. First, he spent a year in NYC honing his auteur skills at the New York Film Academy, followed by a jaunt studying Korean language and culture at Chung Ang University in Seoul, South Korea. Curious as to how a filmmaker with a penchant for K-pop ended up working as a developer? Well, after returning to NYC, Massimo dove into an immersive software development bootcamp at Fullstack Academy, focused on JavaScript and the MEAN stack.

Before blasting off with the best geeks on the block (us, duh), he was Director of Photography for NYC-based Ten Ten Productions, taught at ESRA International Film School and even worked as an in-house photographer for high-end luxury brand, Salvatore Ferragamo. (Fingers crossed he can get us a sweet deal on handbags!)

When he’s not building cool stuff with his fellow space cadets, Massimo enjoys keeping his brain and body in constant motion. Film remains his lifelong passion (you picked up on that, right?), so he still devotes a lot of time to watching movies, writing stories and shooting shorts. But before you get the impression he’s a total homebody, you should know he’s also into skateboarding, snowboarding and, most recently, kitesurfing. (We had to google that last one and, apparently, it’s “a surface water sport combining aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding and gymnastics into one extreme sport.” 😳 )

Basically, Massimo picks up entire skill sets the way most of us pick up groceries which is molto impressionante, no? (We certainly think so.)