Katie Mars

Katie spends about 32% of her day tweeting, 24% scrolling thru Facebook analytics, 17% thinking of bad puns for blogs, 12% trying to decide if she needs another cup of coffee, 9% explaining that yes Mars is her real last name, and the other 6% overanalyzing Katy Perry song lyrics. And yes, it is all work related.  

With a last name like Mars, Katie is a natural fit for the Rocketfuel team. So many bad joke opportunities! She's our Senior Social Media Strategist, which basically means she tweets all day. JK JK. Well, she does tweet, but she also Facebooks, LinkedIns, Instagrams, Google+s (lol not really though), SnapChats, and even blogs from time to time. But that's just 1/4 of her day- don't even get us started on all the editorial calendar planning, social ad strategy buiding, and client consulting she does too. Oh and that's just when she's not busy creating ad creative/researching placement and targeting options/watching reruns of Rescue 911 at her desk. Oh yeah and all the events she works on promoting and covering on the interwebs. Busy girl, that Katie Mars.

Originally born and raised in Memphis, she hopped across the state for a four year stint at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and walked away with a Public Relations degree and headache from all the orange. Since graduating, she’s dabbled in many different branches of marketing within both the music and public relations industries. Her resume includes experience with AC Entertainment, RedRover, and Memphis in May. She even tried out being an adult in the corporate world for a little bit but unfortunately her cubicle was not big enough for her dinosaur collection.

Currently, Katie is speadheading the social media event campaigns for both the Indie Memphis Film Festival and Creative Works as well as assisting the Graceland marketing team with Elvis Week online festivities. 

In her free time you can find her power walking her way around Midtown or sitting on a variety of patios. Her interests outside of work can basically be summarized as making rap videos of her cats Hall & Oates, stalking Justin Timberlake and googling pictures of pizza.