Alli Dillard

Alli Dillard is a fiercely determined street racer who lives her life one quarter mile at a time.

J/K! (lol, why would we even hire one of those???) Alli’s actually a Flaubert-favoring, feline-fancying Account Manager. We have no idea how well she handles NOS, but she’s great with clients.

Much like her parents and her parents’ parents, Alli feels lucky to call Memphis home. She also feels lucky to share White Station High School as an alma mater with Kathy Bates. (Kathy, if you’re reading this, please answer Alli’s texts. She’s mostly harmless and just wants to go ice skating with you.) 

An honors graduate, Alli holds a B.A. in Creative Writing from Hendrix College, where her concentrations were poetry and the short essay. She credits her Hendrix classmates and professors with teaching her the difficult art of listening intently to others, while also making herself heard. 

When not flexing her account finesse here at RocketFuel, Alli spends a lot of time in the 100-year-old (read: way, way haunted) house she shares with her partner, Weston, their three cats: Lefty, Irene and Pablo, and dog, Bones. Often, she can be found sprawled out on the balcony with beers, books and sketches or bent over one of her many writing projects, lost in her own thoughts. Sporting a legit Madame Bovary-inspired tattoo, Alli is a passionate book lover who still sneaks in the occasional tv binge, à la X-Files, Six Feet Under, Bob’s Burgers and (duh) Shondaland.

Above all, Alli considers herself a highly-attuned viewer of the world around her: truth and beauty, curious passersby, life’s ever-changing seasons, children’s eyes aglow with hopeful naivety, maudlin clowns striking attitudes of existential quandary as onlookers quietly pass, new additions to The Fast and the Furious franchise… you know, poetic crap and whatnot.