Reuben Brunson
Chief Visionary Officer
The Muscle
Lori Brunson
Chief Executive Officer
The Hand That Feeds Us
Alli Dillard
Senior Account Manager
Spiritual Guide
Whitney Hochstein
Design Lead
Bryce Sharp
Senior Software Architect
Pizza Man
Katie Mars
Senior Social Media Strategist
Myspace Mars
Zac Woolfolk
Senior Internet Marketing Strategist
Fashion Genius
Lindsey Butler
Copywriter & Creative Strategist
Isabelle Dillard
Associate Account Manager
Firing with Flair, All Day Every Day
Corinne Mizzell
Thrower of Shade and Rock, Paper, Scissors World Champion
John Waddell
Senior Designer
Pixel Magician
Shelby Manley
Front End Web Developer
Anthony Verdes
Front End Web Developer
He Just Doesn't Even Know
Massimo Crapanzano
Full Stack Developer
Too Cool For The Fuel
Bryan Robinson
UI/UX Strategist
Office Philosopher